Definition of pharmacogenetics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of pharmacology concerned with the effect of genetic factors on reactions to drugs.

    • ‘The identification of specific genetic variations that underpin cardiovascular disease is providing new opportunities for diagnostic testing, pharmacogenetics, and drug development.’
    • ‘In addition to providing patients specific anticancer drug therapies, pharmacogenetics will aid in the clinician's ability to predict adverse reactions before they occur and identify the potentials for complications.’
    • ‘Just as the new field of pharmacogenetics aims to match drugs to unique genetic physiology, a new field of therapeuto-genetics could use individual genetics to prescribe customized social interventions.’
    • ‘It will come to pass, in the very near future, that we will be using pharmacogenetics to guide our therapeutic interventions in our patients with asthma.’
    • ‘Therapeutics also needs to be studied in relationship to genetic factors, i.e., pharmacogenetics.’