Definition of phantom limb in English:

phantom limb


  • A sensation experienced by someone who has had a limb amputated that the limb is still there.

    as modifier ‘phantom limb pain’
    • ‘Phantom limb pain, stump pain and phantom limb sensation describe the feelings of people who are missing a limb or part of a limb.’
    • ‘The phenomenon may be analogous to phantom limb pain: although there is no observable tissue damage in the area of the reported pain, the central nervous system behaves ‘as if’ tissue damage were present.’
    • ‘If in addition central pain processes are active, phantom pain is experienced in the phantom limb.’
    • ‘Five years ago I had my left leg amputated above the knee and ever since have experienced continuous phantom limb pain.’
    • ‘Soon after amputation, many amputees feel the presence of a phantom limb or a feel that there is a limb where there isn't.’


phantom limb