Definition of phalloidin in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • The toxin present in the death cap toadstool. It is a peptide with seven amino acids in a ring structure bridged by a sulphur atom.

    • ‘Actin was localized using rhodamine-conjugated phalloidin.’
    • ‘Egg chambers were stained with Alexa 488-labeled phalloidin to reveal actin-rich structures (blue).’
    • ‘In a double-labeled red cell with rhodamine phalloidin and F1 - PE, the lipid pattern is again accompanied by a weaker, dim but observable perturbation of the actin distribution.’
    • ‘However, since phalloidin stabilizes F-actin structure and virtually abolishes the dissociation of actin monomers from filament ends, it also inhibits the dynamic behavior of actin filaments.’
    • ‘We show here that photosensitization with BAYy 3118 induces an immediate loss of actin reactivity with phalloidin, a toxin that specifically forms tight complexes with polymerized F - actin.’


1930s: from modern Latin phalloides, specific epithet of the death cap toadstool Amanita phalloides (based on Greek phallos ‘phallus’) + -in.