Definition of phallocratic in English:



  • See phallocracy

    • ‘While this work is critical of a phallocratic system, its reliance on Freudian theory makes it unwillingly complicit in the reproduction of the categories of heterosexuality that are foundational to this system.’
    • ‘The convergence of female violence against men and resistance to heterosexuality ‘draws one toward the place where meaning collapses’: this is the phallocratic meaning of woman.’
    • ‘The film virtually absolves Hamlet of his ensuing phallocratic tyranny toward Ophelia, for this tyranny is greatly mitigated by the fact that Ophelia has wounded him in a seemingly arbitrary fashion.’
    • ‘Apparently under these wicked, phallocratic regulations, half the female police applicants fail physical tests, whereas only 10% of men do.’
    • ‘The attention to the phallus and the narratives that have tamed women within a phallocratic order have kept women distracted from recognizing the threat they pose to that order.’