Definition of pewee in English:


(Scottish, North American, Australian peewee)


  • A North American tyrant flycatcher with dark olive-grey plumage.

    Genus Contopus, family Tyrannidae: several species

    • ‘On the island itself, titmice, chickadees, pewees, and at least one Red-bellied Woodpecker thrived.’
    • ‘From the Atlantic coastline to the Pocomoke River and Forest, Worcester is home to pelicans and peewees, kingbirds and cuckoos, and herons, harriers, and eagles.’
    • ‘Pewees and Alder Flycatchers do not join flocks but set up territories in patches of forest that they defend against members of their own species.’
    • ‘Most perching birds stop singing regularly in late summer, but male wood-pewees keep up their chanting until the autumn migration.’
    • ‘A pair of pewees darted between twigs above the path, calling occasionally, and a hummingbird or two whizzed overhead.’


Late 18th century: imitative.