Definition of petrological in English:



  • See petrology

    • ‘The close geographical relationship and the petrological affinity between the dykes and the sill complex have led several workers to propose that the four dykes formed the feeders to the complex.’
    • ‘It is not possible to relate individual biotite grains to any variations in the petrological characteristics of the UG - 2 layer, which are known to occur along strike.’
    • ‘Previous petrological studies of the Yangkou eclogites have indicated the lack of fluid during exhumation.’
    • ‘The stone axe blade is so similar to that found in Neolithic Europe, if New Guinea and European axes were mixed up in a museum collection it would probably take petrological analysis to distinguish them.’
    • ‘Very detailed studies are then done by cutting thin sections of the rocks and examining their mineral composition and small-scale structures under a petrological microscope.’