Definition of petroleum ether in English:

petroleum ether


mass noun
  • A volatile liquid distilled from petroleum, consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons.

    • ‘Axiferous extracts were thoroughly mixed three times with two volumes of petroleum ether to remove lipids prior to HPLC analysis.’
    • ‘Lipid was extracted from the yolk using Soxhlet extraction with petroleum ether as a solvent.’
    • ‘Cellulose thimbles were filled with ~ 10 g of dried liver homogenate and subsequently washed with petroleum ether in a modified Soxhlet apparatus to extract lipids.’
    • ‘After filtration and methanol evaporation under reduced atmospheric pressure, the sample was adjusted to pH 8.0 and partitioned once with equal volume of petroleum ether.’
    • ‘Recrystallization was carried out with petroleum ether, and the crystals were stored at - 70 [degrees] C.’