Definition of petroleum coke in English:

petroleum coke


mass noun
  • The solid non-volatile carbon residue left after the distillation and cracking of petroleum.

    • ‘Alcoa has smelters at Point Henry, Geelong and Portland, both in Victoria, where coal tar pitch is combined with petroleum coke and baked at high temperatures to make anodes and cathodes used in smelting aluminium.’
    • ‘Most graphite is obtained from petroleum coke, i.e., the black tar that remains after all of the useful fuels and lubricants have been removed from crude oil.’
    • ‘UP to 2,000 jobs will be put at risk if the Government's proposal to ban bituminous coal and petroleum coke nationwide goes ahead, industry experts warned yesterday.’
    • ‘Drax, Europe's biggest coal-fired power station, wants to burn a mix of coal and the cheaper petroleum coke - petcoke - for an 18-month trial period.’
    • ‘The company wants to carry out an 18-month trial burning a blend of coal and petroleum coke - a by-product of the US oil industry which has a higher potentially carcinogenic heavy metal content.’