Definition of petrol bomb in English:

petrol bomb


  • A crude bomb consisting of a bottle containing petrol and an improvised cloth wick that is ignited just before the bottle is thrown at the target.

    • ‘A few minutes later police were alerted to an incident at nearby Quickthorn Place in which a petrol bomb was thrown at a house but failed to ignite.’
    • ‘A quick-acting police officer managed to put out a fire after a petrol bomb was thrown through a shop window.’
    • ‘The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed he was not the person caught a dozen times on police videos throwing missiles and a petrol bomb.’
    • ‘A stone was put through a window and then a petrol bomb thrown in afterwards.’
    • ‘He was finally seen by a cameraman in a police helicopter lighting and throwing a petrol bomb which exploded at the feet of police officers beneath their shields.’


petrol bomb