Definition of petrographical in English:



  • See petrography

    • ‘During the mid-1980s to early 1990s more research took place that involved detailed petrographical and geochemical studies on the syenites, alkaline, and peralkaline rocks.’
    • ‘Geochemical and petrographical studies provide supporting evidence for multiple fluid flow events along the Moine Thrust Zone.’
    • ‘The petrographical and geochemical data provide little evidence for the existence of a contemporaneous volcanic arc and the igneous material is interpreted instead to have been derived from a palaeovolcanic source.’
    • ‘The sandstone dykes and surrounding sediments were subject to petrographical analyses in order to gain a better understanding of their relationships.’
    • ‘The provenance of turbidites from the predominantly Arenig-aged Manx Group has been constrained using petrographical and geochemical techniques.’