Definition of petrographic in English:



  • See petrography

    • ‘Interpretation of these spherules as impact-related has been challenged, but is supported by petrographic contrasts with volcanic ejecta, iridium and related siderophile anomalies, Ni-rich spinels and chromium isotopes.’
    • ‘Various combinations of these processes are invoked to account for the range of geochemical and petrographic features in tale-alkaline continental margin volcanic arc suites.’
    • ‘Sediments and lavas were correlated in the field and by subsequent petrographic analysis of volcanic components and textures of deposits.’
    • ‘To assign the interbedded sedimentary strata to the correct system it is, however, necessary to incorporate biostratigraphic and petrographic data.’
    • ‘Destructive geochemical methods are commonly combined with petrographic methods (thin sections, stained sections, cathodoluminescence) to interpret the history of rock cementation.’