Definition of Petri dish in English:

Petri dish

Pronunciation /ˈpɛtri//ˈpiːtri/


  • A shallow, circular, transparent dish with a flat lid, used for the culture of microorganisms.

    • ‘For irradiation, cells were cultured in Petri dishes and synchronized by contact inhibition in confluent cultures.’
    • ‘Serial dilutions of homogenized lungs were plated on Petri dishes containing trypticase soy agar.’
    • ‘Twenty fresh anthers were selected from ten plants at random; ten were kept on dry blotting paper in Petri dishes and the other ten were kept in Petri dishes containing water-saturated blotting paper.’
    • ‘Five pieces of embryogenic tissue were cultured in Petri dishes containing 35 ml maturation medium.’
    • ‘Approximately 30 seeds were placed on 25 ml of agar-solidified culture medium in Petri dishes.’


Late 19th century: named after Julius R. Petri (1852–1922), German bacteriologist.


Petri dish