Definition of petitioner in English:



  • 1A person who presents a petition to an authority in respect of a particular cause.

    ‘petitioners gathered about 70,000 signatures for the initiative’
    • ‘Paying each petitioner 75 cents for their signature, the group has exceeded its target.’
    • ‘At least 55 petitioners objected to the commercial.’
    • ‘If the attempt to block the licence is unsuccessful, the petitioners are asking magistrates to limit the business's opening hours to 11 pm.’
    • ‘Petitioners who live within 500 feet, and churches and schools within 300 feet are automatically granted a hearing.’
    • ‘One suggestion already raised by the petitioners is that youth clubs should be replaced by drop-in centres which could be spread across the city.’
    • ‘If the petitioners win the right to restrict parking, they will pay £15 annually for this privilege, with variations available for guest-permit passes.’
    • ‘One state court ruled that the neighborhood store is too small to carry the burden of being a public speech forum and did not have to put up with petitioners.’
    • ‘We have a thousand petitioners who worked on the petitions in this state.’
    • ‘He said he would read the petitioners' letter carefully and would need to reflect on their point of view.’
    • ‘"They have a problem with the club," he said of the petitioners, "but their solution is very shortsighted."’
    1. 1.1Law A person who makes a formal application to a court for a writ, judicial action in a suit, etc.
      ‘the claim by the petitioner for spousal support is dismissed’
      • ‘If for some reason the petitioner did not wish to proceed with the petition, it would be open to the court to make a change of carriage order.’
      • ‘It would be open to the petitioner to apply for a bankruptcy order on the footing that the petition debt remained unpaid.’
      • ‘I have received submissions from counsel for the petitioner.’
      • ‘The petitioner must demonstrate that the company has sufficient assets within the jurisdiction to provide a reasonable possibility of benefit to the petitioner.’
      • ‘I did not understand it to be suggested that the board had in fact considered and decided on the petitioner's application.’
      • ‘If they are successful, the petitioner and general body of creditors will benefit.’
      • ‘The petitioner shall, upon the sale of the matrimonial home, pay to the respondent, a lump sum of £4,744.’
      • ‘The petitioner is the respondent to the appeal.’
      • ‘Were the petitioner to refuse to accept the sum tendered, its refusal to do so would be unreasonable.’
      • ‘The petitioner is ordered to pay spousal support to the respondent in the amount of $2,000 per month.’