Definition of Petition of Right in English:

Petition of Right


  • 1British A parliamentary declaration of rights and liberties of the people assented to by Charles I in 1628.

    • ‘Sir Edward Coke, introducing the 1628 Petition of Right to curtail Charles's tyrannical ambitions, was adamant that ‘Magna Carta is such a fellow, that he will have no ‘sovereign’’.’
    • ‘The founding generation of Americans studied and admired the Petition of Right: It contained both the principle of no taxation without representation and a model for what would become the American Constitution's Third Amendment.’
    • ‘MPs used the Petition of Right to force the king to a recantation of these ‘new counsels’ in 1628, but this does not necessarily mean that Charles's instincts were mistaken.’’
    • ‘In those days, he campaigned against the divine right of the Church to impose the payment of tithes upon the common people and, later on, he helped to draw up the Petition of Right which landed him in the Tower.’
  • 2English Law
    A common-law remedy against the Crown for the recovery of property.