Definition of Peterborough ware in English:

Peterborough ware


mass nounArchaeology
  • Prehistoric pottery of the mid to late Neolithic in Britain (c.3400–2500 BC), characterized by a round base and decorated with the impressions of twisted cord and bird bones. Unlike the contemporary grooved ware, it is not associated with henge monuments.

    • ‘The decoration on Peterborough ware consists of pits, ‘maggot impressions’ made by impressing tightly rolled cord, and the impressions made by pressing the ends of bird bones into the soft clay before firing.’
    • ‘The ceramic assemblage spans the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, including carinated bowls, Peterborough Ware, Grooved Ware, Beakers and Urns.’


Named after Peterborough, where certain Neolithic sites were located.