Definition of petabyte in English:


(also PB)


  • A unit of information equal to one thousand million million (10¹⁵) or, strictly, 2⁵⁰ bytes.

    • ‘In fact, emerging technologies ultimately could transform the economics of computer memory storage so that a penny could buy a petabyte (one quadrillion bytes) of storage.’
    • ‘Almost overnight, companies are transitioning from storing gigabytes of data to managing terabytes, and even petabytes, of information.’
    • ‘As data requirements scale into hundreds of terabytes or petabytes, and vast amounts of corporate data must be maintained and archived, the role of tape may change, but the need for tape will not.’
    • ‘The Panasas system seamlessly scales capacity from gigabytes to petabytes within a single unified namespace.’
    • ‘Researchers can store petabytes of information in cost-effective, space-efficient tape libraries.’