Definition of pesticide-free in English:



  • 1(of a method of farming or cultivation) not involving the use of artificial pesticides.

    ‘learn more about pesticide-free gardening’
    • ‘The organization has submitted briefs to government bodies, lobbied in favour of pesticide-free and organic farming, promoted recycling, and cleaned beaches.’
    • ‘The focus is on pesticide-free, organic and sustainable gardening practices.’
    • ‘Mountain-chalet architecture mixes with ivy-covered red-brick buildings, and students grow fresh vegetables in a pesticide-free garden.’
    • ‘The country is pioneering a pesticide-free and smaller-scale farming still capable of achieving national food self-sufficiency.’
    • ‘It prompted the family to convert the 45 acres they owned into a pesticide-free organic farm.’
    • ‘He recruited a half dozen other nearly pesticide-free growers in Ecuador and Colombia.’
    • ‘Because of their voracious appetites, bats function as extremely effective and pesticide-free pest control.’
    • ‘Another practical and pesticide-free alternative for getting rid of weeds that grow up between patio tiles or in concrete seams is to use boiling water.’
    • ‘Their home is equipped with air and water filters, an organic kitchen and a large pesticide-free garden.’
    • ‘Gorasin sits in a large self-declared pesticide-free zone, one of several organic oases established around the country.’
    additive-free, chemical-free, non-chemical, natural
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    1. 1.1 (of a product, especially food or drink) produced without the use of artificial pesticides.
      ‘fresh and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are key’
      • ‘At the festival, volunteers distributed pesticide-free treats, including pizza, cookies and muffins.’
      • ‘The shop now offers a combination of farm-reared lamb, old-breed pork, free-range chicken and beef alongside pesticide-free and organic vegetables, locally-produced cheeses, preserves and smoked meat.’
      • ‘The demand for pesticide-free and organic foods continues to grow.’
      • ‘The organisation is currently working on marketing the healthy and pesticide-free products.’
      • ‘In the case of meat, the animals must not be given medicine such as antibiotics or wormers, and they must feed on pesticide-free food.’
      • ‘People who buy organic are willing to pay an average of 80 cents more per pound for pasta they know is pesticide-free.’
      • ‘Organic coffee may be a natural, bean-based, pesticide-free beverage.’
      • ‘Grown in the organic manner in small homestead farms, these vegetables are totally pesticide-free and hence much in demand at the bazaar.’
      • ‘Walker's, one of the oldest stalls in the market, had fantastic pesticide-free peaches last week, with an intoxicating scent and no woodiness at all.’
      • ‘Essentially, I now buy organic bananas not just because they are pesticide-free, but also because they have been produced under a fair-trade agreement.’
      • ‘Your baby deserves pesticide-free foods.’
      • ‘Call your florist and say that you'd like a dozen pesticide-free roses delivered to your mother.’
      • ‘Consumers have made it clear that they want pesticide-free food.’
      • ‘Be sure to cook only with pesticide-free lavenders grown for culinary use.’
      • ‘Farmers can grow pesticide-free organic produce, but can nature still produce a pollutant-free organic fish?’
      • ‘Bogenholm was a conventional farmer who went organic about eight years ago because she wanted to produce pesticide-free products.’
      • ‘While wandering down the aisles you'll find a wide selection of quality organic and pesticide-free food.’
      • ‘Food co-ops are another good source of healthy food because these member-run organizations tend to buy organic or pesticide-free produce, and work with local growers to provide the freshest food possible.’