Definition of pester power in English:

pester power


mass nouninformal
  • The ability of children to pressurize their parents into buying them products, especially items advertised in the media.

    ‘advertisers encourage the use of pester power, especially at Christmas’
    • ‘According to Anne Smith, grandparents often prefer to buy traditional dolls and are less influenced by advertising and pester power than parents.’
    • ‘Apparently tweenagers - 10-13-year-olds - are masters of pester power.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman said: ‘£30 for a kid's shirt is a lot of money but it is all about pester power and for parents to counter that and say no to their child if they think that it is too much.’
    • ‘Not that the middle classes don't spoil their kids and give in to pester power too, but the level of crazed consumption is often inversely related to wealth.’
    • ‘Parents try to resist pester power as they walk around supermarkets full of sugary cereal with toys inside the box or tinned spaghetti displaying pictures of a popular band.’


pester power