Definition of pesky in English:


adjectivepeskiest, peskier

North American
  • Causing trouble; annoying.

    ‘a pesky younger brother’
    • ‘Jack needs to get rid of these pesky aphids and he needs the money to buy insecticide.’
    • ‘It turns out that mosquitoes are a pesky problem on his island in the South Pacific.’
    • ‘In Glasgow or on the west Coast, you can barely walk down the road without bumping into a pesky little trattoria.’
    • ‘Trim as necessary and adhere to the top of the wood making sure to get out any pesky air bubbles.’
    • ‘Any pesky remnants of feelings she used to have for him would just have to be dealt with later.’
    damned, damn, damnable, wretched, accursed, rotten, horrible
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Late 18th century: perhaps related to pest.