Definition of Pesach in English:



  • Jewish term for the Passover festival.

    • ‘Were their Christmas dinners more festive than our Pesach seders?’
    • ‘On Pesach these accusations were magnified with many Church leaders and lay people feeding the lies.’
    • ‘This Shabbat is the fourth of the four special Parshiot, which are read before Purim and Pesach.’
    • ‘Family and friends gather for Pesach Seder meals.’
    • ‘After Pesach he and his family went for a short while to Vilna.’
    • ‘Last Pesach, the only ones to show up at my house were my parents.’
    • ‘But when Spring comes around, so does the Jewish holiday of Pesach.’
    • ‘It is significant that this latest war began on the holiday of Pesach.’
    • ‘Since it was only in the year A.U.C. 783 and 786 that the Jewish Pesach could have fallen on a Friday, AUC 786 is the more probable date of the crucifixion.’
    • ‘Passover, or Pesach as it's called in Hebrew, might be familiar to some people who are familiar with the word paschal lamb.’
    • ‘This question is strengthened by a glance at other holidays that also have a story behind them, namely, Pesach, Succot, Tisha B'av and Purim.’
    • ‘My in-laws, who are amazing, usually come to London twice a year, for the High Holidays and for Pesach.’
    • ‘The authors provide several recipes for holiday foods and craft ideas, such as Purim puppet heads and matzah covers for Pesach (Passover).’
    • ‘Every year, the Pesach Seder opens with a table of contents.’
    • ‘But surely there's an irony to the April meet-up being on the First Seder Night of Pesach.’
    • ‘He had to fight for years to be allowed matzah on Pesach.’
    • ‘I saw my Auntie Vera when I was at home for Pesach, and she commented to me: ‘have you lost weight?’’
    • ‘I believe Pesach is about simplicity.’
    • ‘We say it on the Three Pilgrim Festivals, Shevvot, Succoth and Pesach and we also say the memorial service when somebody dies, at the service itself.’
    • ‘Imagine the scene during one of the holidays - Pesach, Shavuot or Sukkot.’


From Hebrew Pesaḥ.