Definition of pes planus in English:

pes planus


mass noun
  • technical term for flatfoot
    • ‘Conditions that increase tension on the plantar fascia and may cause pain include pes planus, pes cavus, decreased subtalar joint mobility, and a tight Achilles tendon.’
    • ‘I assessed muscle imbalances relating to contracted and fibrotic hamstrings, knee dysfunction as well as pes planus of the feet.’
    • ‘Orthotic shoe inserts may be effective for pain relief in patients with pes planus, hyperpronation or a cavus foot.’
    • ‘For individuals with pes planus, shoes with longitudinal arch support can help decrease the pain associated with long periods of standing.’
    • ‘Individuals with pes planus (low arches or flat feet) or pes cavus (high arches) are at increased risk for developing plantar fasciitis.’




pes planus