Definition of pervasiveness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of spreading widely or being present throughout an area or a group of people.

    ‘the pervasiveness of violence on television’
    • ‘The survey results also confirm the pervasiveness of the traditional division of labor within families.’
    • ‘Considering the pervasiveness of piracy, it's taking a pretty fair stance here.’
    • ‘He called the case disturbing and said it underscores the pervasiveness of cyberbullying.’
    • ‘Given the pervasiveness of computers in modern society, the worldwide social ramifications of this software architecture are enormous.’
    • ‘Despite its pervasiveness, it has been a highly diverse movement whose precise nature reflected the particular conditions of each country.’
    • ‘The pervasiveness of their systems software is precisely what makes the deal appealing to many customers.’
    • ‘Some readers may be inclined to doubt the significance or pervasiveness of the open source mode of software development.’
    • ‘Examples of this are self-esteem, beliefs in the pervasiveness of mental illness, and folk beliefs about child development.’
    • ‘The pervasiveness of monopolies in the game does not represent the situation in the real world.’
    • ‘The notable aspect of the data is the pervasiveness of the nationwide housing inflation.’