Definition of personnel department in English:

personnel department


  • The part of an organization concerned with the appointment, training, and welfare of employees.

    • ‘Policymakers designed seminars to educate the country's top management and their personnel departments about aging workers.’
    • ‘These will include equality and diversity audits and workshops and work with personnel departments to develop more diverse recruitment practices.’
    • ‘Pat had been working in various personnel departments and at that stage in her life needed a break from responsibility.’
    • ‘For personnel departments, the game always has been a good venue for evaluating prospects from smaller schools and others who received little national recognition.’
    • ‘The personnel department is a mess and shows little direction from the top.’
    • ‘The book can also be used by personnel departments of the military units, local military committees and labor exchanges.’
    • ‘He also wasn't particularly adept in the personnel department.’
    • ‘It used to be that staff in personnel departments talked to people.’
    • ‘The personnel department may rewrite rules and policies in order to justify their existence.’
    • ‘It is now being accessed increasingly by the personnel departments of big companies, interested in helping their employees get back to work quicker.’
    • ‘The new wording enables military commanders and personnel departments to provide all answers to virtually all questions that may arise.’
    • ‘They enable military commanders and personnel departments of all power ministries and agencies to regulate relations with military servicemen on a legal basis.’
    • ‘The memo asked personnel departments to provide contact information for the city's 40,000 teaching staff and other school employees.’
    • ‘How big is the personnel department and do we have a bureaucratic purchasing department?’
    • ‘But the mills of university personnel departments grind extremely slowly so I won't be holding my breath.’
    • ‘Before hiring anyone, agencies require approval from their personnel departments, which in turn cannot go beyond congressional appropriations.’
    • ‘These include the union's office being moved into the personnel department and a union commitment not to demonstrate on council property.’
    • ‘Plus, I don't like their personnel department.’
    • ‘I think if these two personnel departments are so fully keyed on what their teams need, then why not go out and get the solution right away?’
    • ‘Accommodation officers at local universities and colleges, and personnel departments at big employers in your area will often help find someone suitable.’