Definition of personnel carrier in English:

personnel carrier


  • An armoured vehicle for transporting troops.

    • ‘The evolution of armored vehicles, cars, and personnel carriers has paralleled the development of the tank.’
    • ‘Armoured personnel carriers were known as tracks, and tanks and tracks were often crewed by tankies.’
    • ‘In 1939, tanks were in short supply, and infantry personnel carriers were virtually unknown.’
    • ‘You cannot take your tanks and personnel carriers everywhere.’
    • ‘These rings compare to standard commercial scope rings like a military personnel carrier compares to a pickup truck.’
    • ‘There were heavy, two-ton personnel carriers, motorcycles with sidecars, and ceremonial sedans.’
    • ‘Combat engineer battalions in Army heavy divisions have historically traveled the battlefield in the venerable M113 personnel carrier.’
    • ‘These checkpoints usually have one or two police officers stopping all vehicles with other officers in armed personnel carriers manning machine guns.’
    • ‘Target arrays consist of tanks and personnel carriers.’
    • ‘The battle was over, but he ran and attacked the personnel carrier, banging on it with his hatchet.’
    • ‘The companies received munitions and transported it on tanks, personnel carriers, or whatever other vehicles they could use.’
    • ‘It was an inglorious combat debut for the Army's first new personnel carrier in 30 years.’
    • ‘Armored personnel carriers were deployed to secure the palace while truckloads of troops guarded police and military camps.’
    • ‘They're going after tanks, personnel carriers.’
    • ‘Armored personnel carriers and hundreds of elite troops armed with semi-automatic weapons occupied the palace grounds.’
    • ‘There were two personnel carriers and soldiers jumping out of them.’
    • ‘The convoy of armoured Army personnel carriers looks at home as it lumbers through scarred streets, soldiers in helmets peering out.’
    • ‘Armored personnel carriers and military trucks patrolled the city and its vicinity as officials appealed to residents to remain indoors and keep their homes locked.’
    • ‘The battalion travelled in a convoy of 12 with heavy machine guns mounted on top of the personnel carriers.’
    • ‘Armoured personnel carriers were also heading south.’


personnel carrier