Definition of personality type in English:

personality type


  • A collection of personality traits which are thought to occur together consistently, especially as determined by a certain pattern of responses to a personality inventory.

    ‘individuals in the study would commonly produce patterned responses which could be ascribed to particular personality types’
    ‘the way she behaves during the grief process will depend very much on her personality type and previous life experiences’
    • ‘Does a person have to be a certain personality type to be an effective leader?’
    • ‘In this study, we focus on five characteristics: individual competitiveness, personality type, age, gender and major.’
    • ‘Yet, the fact is that very few people, including clergy, have the personality type or gifts to be bold leaders.’
    • ‘In order to recognize a particular personality type, the authors suggest taking note of specific linguistic cues.’
    • ‘They are generally prescribed according to our personality type or the prevailing state of mind during a particular illness.’