Definition of personalism in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The quality of being personal.

    ‘his sculpture investigated pure form from which all expressive personalism was eliminated’
    • ‘Nationalism, on the other hand, tends to express itself in authoritarianism, emotionalism, personalism, vengefulness and mean-spiritedness.’
    • ‘I believe the fundamental key he offers us is through the same personalism he uses to discuss the nature of marriage and men and women.’
    1. 1.1A theory or system based on subjective ideas or applications.
      • ‘Dorothy understood that a just system was as important as her ideal of personalism, where each takes individual responsibility for the well-being of all.’
      • ‘While I applaud the resurgence of apologetics that we have recently seen in this country, I suggest it could benefit from the kind of personalism that Pope John Paul II professes.’
    2. 1.2Allegiance to a particular political leader rather than to a party or ideology.
      ‘this personalism alone can explain the shifting alliances that so confuse observers’
    3. 1.3Philosophy A system of thought which maintains the primacy of the human or divine person on the basis that reality has meaning only through the conscious mind.
      • ‘The Catholic concept of personalism placed man in the context of God and sought to liberate his full potential.’
      • ‘I'm a bit surprised that the authors don't do more than gesture toward the lay tradition of personalism articulated by mid-century French and American Catholics.’
      • ‘The only way to destroy theism is to reject all forms of transcendence, personalism, and dualism.’
      • ‘Moreover, in recent years the Christian theology of personalism has developed a new theoretical framework for understanding the person, including the goals of psychotherapy.’
      • ‘Karol Wojtyla came to the papacy not merely as a bishop but as a professor of philosophy who had been writing about and teaching personalism in Poland long before the Second Vatican Council began.’