Definition of personal video recorder in English:

personal video recorder


  • A device that records television programmes on to a hard disk and allows manipulation of programmes while they are being transmitted.

    • ‘Our studies show people love personal video recorders, but they are hard to operate and hook up.’
    • ‘Thanks to those awfully nice people at TiVo, I am enjoying the loan of one of their hard disk personal video recorders.’
    • ‘The companies will jointly market and distribute the stand-alone personal video recorders exclusively bundled with TiVo's service.’
    • ‘I have used this PC as a personal video recorder to record TV programs.’
    • ‘Video-on-demand and personal video recorders clearly beat out the other services hands down with 58% of digital and 55% of analog customers saying those services were the most appealing.’
    • ‘Apparently, there's a new personal video recorder device being released there that lets people completely eliminate ads while recording whatever show they want.’
    • ‘In the US, high definition TV, video-on-demand and personal video recorders are expected to be the weapons of choice.’
    • ‘This gives you not only a personal video recorder, but a built-in DVD recorder for archiving your favourite programmes.’
    • ‘Hard disk drives are already being used in personal video recorders and set top boxes today.’
    • ‘He will discuss the complex issues raised by personal video recorders and DVD burners next week.’
    • ‘One of the great selling points of personal video recorders such as TiVo is their ability to let you skip over adverts.’
    • ‘Downloading has given music fans the power to mix their own albums, while personal video recorders enable television viewers to watch only what they want.’
    • ‘For all the hoopla about personal video recorders, you'd think more people would be using them.’
    • ‘A better option for recording onto a hard disk is a dual-receiver personal video recorder, which has an electronic programme guide to make scheduling easy.’
    • ‘Those are just a couple of lessons I've learned from my three months using a personal video recorder.’
    • ‘It tries to fill the gap between increasingly obsolete video cassette recorders and hard-disk based personal video recorders.’
    • ‘The digital video recorder, formerly known as the personal video recorder was everywhere.’
    • ‘And will the personal video recorder market actually take off?’
    • ‘Rather than selling its own personal video recorder to consumers, the company is licensing its software to third parties, such as cable companies and set-top manufacturers.’