Definition of personal services in English:

personal services

plural noun

  • Commercial services such as catering and cleaning that supply the personal needs of customers.

    ‘workers in the personal services’
    • ‘In the case of many one-to-one personal services, the service provider's own personnel constitute by far the most important element of the total service offering.’
    • ‘The word ‘service’ in the second clause isn't modified by the word ‘personal,’ indicating that there are services that aren't personal services.’
    • ‘But in areas of part-time employment, in hospitality and personal services, I would have thought that other things would be very important.’
    • ‘In the information technology and personal services sectors, however, a different trend is taking place.’
    • ‘This would provide a libertarian rationale for not enforcing personal services contracts.’
    • ‘Forty-four percent of minority entrepreneurs are in the service industry, with nearly half providing business or personal services.’
    • ‘For Asia, its reputation for quality personal services and hospitality is a powerful asset on which to leverage an Asian hotel brand.’
    • ‘Preethy said because she targeted middle and upper-income consumers, she offered personal services such as providing free drinks at her boutiques.’
    • ‘Manufacturing, hotels or the personal services sector continues to attract most early school leavers.’
    • ‘Roughly 28 percent were employed in community or personal services, 20 percent in wholesale or retail trade, 16 percent in manufacturing, and 10 percent in agriculture.’
    • ‘Both deliver personal services that may be better delivered by much smaller institutions.’
    • ‘Though I would understand if those who have narrow views concerning the personal services industry might prefer not to read anything on this subject.’
    • ‘Among services, it is the community, social and personal services group that is expected to show the sharpest decline.’
    • ‘Contracts claim to be for nonpersonal services but are administered on a personal services basis.’
    • ‘The range of average annual increases was between 3.1% in the recreational and personal services area to 4.5% in construction.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the city thrived on tourism and the provision of financial, business, and personal services to Bay Area, regional, and transpacific customers.’
    • ‘You can't force somebody in a personal services contract.’
    • ‘At the moment, the council operates a means-tested charging policy for personal services which affects around 2,400 people in the city.’
    • ‘However, financing, real estate, business services, and community and personal services moderated the services sector growth.’
    • ‘Emotion work is seen in a whole range of personal services, from retail and catering to airline cabin crews.’