Definition of personal assistant in English:

personal assistant


  • A secretary or administrative assistant working exclusively for one particular person.

    • ‘The secretary of the year competition was initiated to inspire and equip secretaries, office professionals and personal assistants to attain excellence.’
    • ‘Leaders are also to be held responsible for the behavior of their immediate family and personal assistants.’
    • ‘A vice president might become an executive vice president, a secretary might become a personal assistant.’
    • ‘But who else has personal assistants and make-up people to make us look good?’
    • ‘This is most alarming, as I didn't think I had the skills for a personal assistant, let alone an executive assistant.’
    • ‘Agents operate as independent problem solvers or as personal assistants within a digital environment that is difficult to access for humans.’
    • ‘While some rely too much on their personal assistants or secretaries, there are quite a few who believe that ‘self-help is the best help’.’
    • ‘There are 50 people, including personal assistants, travelling from all over Ireland to the Strasbourg rally.’
    • ‘This applies best to the ubiquitous tribe of personal assistants and clerks who surround the bureaucrats.’
    • ‘This is a ridiculous comment, even for those with a stay-at-home spouse and legions of personal assistants.’
    • ‘After all, it is not everyday that you have a make up artist and personal assistants doing everything possible to make you look good.’
    • ‘These presenters will act as personal assistants, and also as humanised search engines, digging out information from the web and the airwaves on the user's request.’
    • ‘That extra money often goes toward paying off inside sources such as bodyguards or personal assistants.’
    • ‘In addition to providing security, armor bearers act as personal assistants.’
    • ‘But by spending up to £36,000 on personal assistants, the politicians are making it clear where their priorities lie.’
    • ‘Maybe the Queen will make you a personal assistant to her, like I am.’
    • ‘Could the growth of this services sector mean the days of the personal assistant are numbered?’
    • ‘‘Many of my girl students are now employed as personal assistants to top executives in reputed firms’, he says.’
    • ‘The only person who said anything at all was his personal assistant, Darren.’
    • ‘‘I have no personal assistants and there is no way for me to survive without the help of my mother,’ she said.’
    second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior, auxiliary, adjutant, lieutenant, subaltern, assistant, pa, aide, helper, right-hand man, henchman, underling
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personal assistant