Definition of perseverant in English:



  • Persistent in doing something despite difficulty; unwavering.

    ‘you need to be spirited and perseverant to drive your projects through’
    ‘if you have a perseverant mind, you will work until all problems are resolved’
    • ‘I'm sure my good ol' perseverant activist self will be back any time now.’
    • ‘Patrons of archives are a perseverant lot, don't expect to be handed answers on a silver platter, and will be satisfied with a query and retrieval system that gets them close to the evidence they need.’
    • ‘The critical resource is personnel - dedicated and energetic and perseverant - with a vision for a thriving undergraduate physics program.’
    • ‘A creative and perseverant chemist has turned this vulnerability into an opportunity to safely remove hardened concrete from a variety of surfaces that are otherwise difficult to clean.’
    • ‘I was perseverant, I worked hard, and I had a supportive advisor.’
    • ‘Stoic, perseverant and disciplined, they are a proud people of few words who shun the limelight.’
    • ‘Croydon Community Mediation is looking for people who are good listeners, are perseverant, have a sense of humour, and are able to take the rough with the smooth.’
    • ‘Families achieve these results through self-sacrifice and perseverant efforts that promote their children's development.’
    • ‘"Until recently, it was believed that the Penrose mechanism was not very efficient for generating energetic particles, but Dr. Williams' detailed and perseverant work showed that this may not be true," he said.’
    • ‘I consider myself very ambitious and perseverant.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, from the verb perseverer (see persevere).