Definition of persecution complex in English:

persecution complex

(also persecution mania)


  • An irrational and obsessive feeling or fear that one is the object of collective hostility or ill-treatment on the part of others.

    • ‘Is midsummer madness giving you a wee persecution complex?’
    • ‘But don't let that get in the way of your persecution complex.’
    • ‘I swear, the persecution complex is so reflexive for these people that they can find a cloud in every silver lining.’
    • ‘The motorist's persecution complex is at its worst the day after the Budget.’
    • ‘I was over here acquiring an acute persecution complex, if anybody missed me.’
    • ‘But their persecution complex is unbecoming because it is unrealistic.’
    • ‘Third, even when your preemptive persecution complex turns out to be false, as you realized it was in this case, you still seem unable to avoid striking the martyr pose.’
    • ‘The group has a persecution complex the size of Texas, not to mention a well-stocked armoury.’
    • ‘Bizarrely, he attributes this to the casual-related violence in the 1980s that left his club's members harbouring a persecution complex.’
    • ‘And some of us have developed a false persecution complex as a result.’
    • ‘Gradually, I became a loner, and then persecution complex made its appearance.’
    • ‘I developed quite a persecution complex, which probably amplified my feelings of depression, loneliness, etc.’
    • ‘It's enough to give a man a persecution complex.’
    • ‘One or two of the cards were a bit harsh but after that he seemed to develop a persecution complex about English referees and that only made things worse.’
    • ‘He has a persecution complex, but just because he's paranoid doesn't mean they're not after him.’
    • ‘I have no desire to deal with people's paranoias and persecution complexes.’
    • ‘When I was younger I used to listen to rock music and had a persecution complex.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists who examined him found he had a severe mental disorder and was suffering from delusions and a persecution complex.’
    • ‘His unhinged language suggested that persecution mania briefly deranged him.’
    • ‘This is not a persecution complex and nor would I ever argue that the stewards have an easy job.’


persecution complex