Definition of perovskite in English:



mass noun
  • 1A yellow, brown, or black mineral consisting largely of calcium titanate.

    • ‘Iron, for example, becomes non-magnetic and may tend to migrate from perovskite toward another mineral as the pressure rises.’
    • ‘Some age determinations used atios measured on macrocrystal phlogopite; others used ratios from perovskite crystals.’
    • ‘The catalyst, which was first studied for use in catalytic converters in the early 1970s, includes the mineral perovskite with palladium.’
    • ‘Some of the characteristic minerals found in kimberlite are perovskite, magnetite, and spinel.’
    • ‘The engines of tomorrow's PCs may be based not on silicon dioxide but on exotic new compounds such as perovskite oxide or even the stuff of life itself, DNA.’
    1. 1.1count noun Any of a group of related minerals and ceramics having the same crystal structure as perovskite.
      • ‘The product is based on mixed-metal oxide chemistry - blending two or more non-PGM metal components (such as perovskites and spinels).’
      • ‘The new films include 10 or so alternating layers of positively charged dusters and negatively charged materials called perovskites.’


Mid 19th century: from the name of L. A. Perovsky (1792–1856), Russian mineralogist, + -ite.