Definition of pernicious anaemia in English:

pernicious anaemia


mass noun
  • A deficiency in the production of red blood cells through a lack of vitamin B₁₂.

    • ‘The treatment of Esmeralda's pernicious anemia reduced her disability and much improved her quality of life.’
    • ‘Congenital pernicious anemia arises from the inability to secrete the gastric intrinsic factor.’
    • ‘This potentially dangerous condition is called pernicious anemia and is seen mainly in elderly people.’
    • ‘Treatable anemias like iron deficiency and pernicious anemia are by far the most common.’
    • ‘The classic disorder of malabsorption is pernicious anemia, an autoimmune disease that affects the gastric parietal cells.’
    • ‘With pernicious anemia, the lack of intrinsic factor results from destruction of the gastric parietal cells by autoimmune antibodies.’
    • ‘Stomach cancer is more common in people who have pernicious anaemia, which affects the lining of the stomach and results in a lack of Vitamin B12.’
    • ‘Iron deficiency anemia does this more than pernicious anemia.’
    • ‘This test is used to identify whether you have pernicious anaemia, as most people who lack intrinsic factor have these antibodies in their blood.’
    • ‘Because of the possibility of eventual neuronal death, the later neurologic consequences of pernicious anemia can be irreversible.’
    • ‘If the deficiency is from a lack of intrinsic factor, it's called pernicious anemia.’
    • ‘Other people thought it was a nervous breakdown and some even reported he was suffering from pernicious anaemia.’
    • ‘Diseases such as anaemia due to iron deficiency, pernicious anaemia, and leukaemia are diagnosed in this way.’
    • ‘The treatment of pernicious anaemia is also highly effective.’
    • ‘The sound of pernicious anemia is not by any means pleasant.’
    • ‘Diet-related factors associated with infertility include a high or very low body mass index and pernicious anemia.’
    • ‘The response of pernicious anaemia to folic acid is usually suboptimal and temporary and often followed by relapse.’
    • ‘This neuropathy is very similar to that in cases of pernicious anaemia, which is also due to a deficiency of cobalamin.’
    • ‘With pernicious anaemia, antibodies damage the cells in the stomach that produce intrinsic factor.’
    • ‘In pernicious anaemia the blood contains a smaller number of abnormally large cells, which do not last as long as normal.’