Definition of permutable in English:



  • 1Liable to change.

    • ‘I that matter hold more honorable which in it selfe is firme, not permutable.’
    • ‘The Williamsburg four-piece, in the current version of their permutable lineup, delivers an all-around solid EP.’
    • ‘It is a very permutable undertaking trying to develop Discovery Park.’
    • ‘Proteins' maddeningly intricate and all too permutable chains of peptides and amino acids were at the heart of the challenge of creating their new approach.’
    • ‘They follow a very permutable border between organization and movement.’
  • 2Able to be changed or exchanged.

    • ‘The resultant formulae are productive, being permutable and much more informative than those composed of simple algorithms.’
    • ‘Because they are letter-like units they are far more easily permutable than actual speech sounds.’
    • ‘Students might try to find other of these "absolute" or "permutable" primes.’
    • ‘In mathematical parlance, the prime number 113 is said to be permutable because it remains prime regardless of how the digits are arranged, that is 131 and 311.’
    • ‘Some letters are permutable, being such in general as are formed by the same organs.’
    alterable, adjustable, modifiable, variable, convertible, mutable, exchangeable, interchangeable, replaceable, transposable
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Late Middle English: from late Latin permutabilis ‘liable to change, changeable’, from permutare (see permute) + -able.