Definition of permanent tooth in English:

permanent tooth


  • A tooth in a mammal that replaces a temporary milk tooth and lasts for most of the mammal's life.

    • ‘Children need healthy baby teeth to chew food, speak, and to help permanent teeth grow in correctly.’
    • ‘Children born prematurely are likely to have enamel defects in both primary and permanent teeth.’
    • ‘Decayed baby teeth can pass bacteria to permanent teeth.’
    • ‘Most kids stop grinding when they lose their baby teeth because permanent teeth are much more sensitive to pain.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the research revealed that a staggering 16 per cent of eight-year-old children already have decay in their permanent teeth.’
    • ‘However, parents should discourage thumb sucking after the age of 4, when the gums, jaw, and permanent teeth begin their most significant growth.’
    • ‘However, too high a concentration of fluoride will cause new permanent teeth to have enamel that is mottled.’
    • ‘Injuries to both baby teeth and permanent teeth should be treated by a dentist.’
    • ‘Baby teeth also hold space so permanent teeth can grow in straight.’
    • ‘After that, your child's orthodontist will wait until the remainder of your child's permanent teeth come in before beginning the second phase.’
    • ‘In the case of permanent teeth, time is of the essence.’
    • ‘When she gets older, these ‘baby teeth’ will fall out and her permanent teeth will come in.’
    • ‘One set of 20 non-permanent teeth precedes the permanent teeth, but the 12 molars are not replaced.’
    • ‘Some first or permanent teeth may be missing, abnormally shaped or crooked.’
    • ‘Children have 20 primary teeth that gradually are replaced by permanent teeth.’
    • ‘A space maintainer is inserted to take the place of the ‘baby tooth’ until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge, he says.’
    • ‘Some primary and permanent teeth may be missing, abnormally shaped, or out of position.’
    • ‘They're replaced by a set of 32 permanent teeth, which are also called secondary or adult teeth.’
    • ‘Problems like tooth crowding, spaces between the teeth and bite corrections are best addressed after an eruption of the permanent teeth.’
    • ‘Orthodontic treatment (braces, for example) may be used to ensure that the permanent teeth come through straight and in the right place.’