Definition of permanent revolution in English:

permanent revolution


mass noun
  • The state or condition, envisaged by Leon Trotsky, of a country's continuing revolutionary progress being dependent on a continuing process of revolution in other countries.

    • ‘A new revolutionary party of the working class and oppressed must be built on the basis of the strategy of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘In his analysis of the revolutionary events of 1905, Trotsky, in collaboration with Lev Deutsch and Alexander Helphand, developed the theory of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘In considering the question of socialism in one country vs. permanent revolution we are dealing with theoretical foundations of the Trotskyist movement.’
    • ‘It's the effect of their permanent revolution, their intense circulation, their instantaneous magnetism.’
    • ‘In truth, they are radicals, combining aspects of Wilsonian ambition to remake the world with Troskyist notions of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘The history of the past half-century entirely confirms - if only in the negative - the theory of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘Stalinist and other critics of Trotsky attacked his concept of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘His permanent revolution theory, put very crudely, proposed that in Russia the two stages could be collapsed into one.’
    • ‘Slavery intensifies and thus deforms relationships of social inequality, whereas permanent revolution disfigures equality of social conditions.’
    • ‘It was a powerful vindication of Leon Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘When the inequalities start cropping up again, though, do we just go back to the desert island and start over, in a kind of bleak permanent revolution?’
    • ‘Thus permanent revolution will become, for the Russian proletariat, a matter of class self-preservation.’
    • ‘Eight decades later, the implications of the struggle between the theory of permanent revolution and socialism in one country are plain to see.’
    • ‘I think the theory of permanent revolution applies here too.’
    • ‘Put simply, this is Trotsky's theories of combined and uneven development and of permanent revolution played out on a galactic scale.’
    • ‘Here are two new blogs that are keeping us in a state of permanent revolution.’
    • ‘But it was not until the 1920s that the theory of permanent revolution was finally discredited.’
    • ‘There are debates to be had among revolutionaries and socialists, for example on the permanent revolution, or on state capitalism.’
    • ‘Whether this perception of permanent revolution is feared or embraced, the consensus is that we are going through tumultuous times.’