Definition of perk-busting in English:



mass nounNZ
  • The exposure of excessive expenses claims made by politicians and other public servants.

    ‘in 1997 he began a campaign of perk-busting’
    • ‘The party became more associated with perk-busting and the like.’
    • ‘The party has so far survived its perk-busting former leader spending taxpayer money on a holiday with his girlfriend.’
    • ‘The party will continue to receive the free media coverage from his perk-busting activities.’
    • ‘But the most ironic point of all (given his proclivity for "perk-busting") is that we're paying him for this.’
    • ‘Even this perk-busting supremo didn't know of the new tax status of MPs.’
    • ‘I wonder how a perk-busting braggart can make no apologies for slurping $25,000 or so from the public trough.’
    • ‘These are the costs of being too closely involved with perk-busting.’
    • ‘When they ask him about his perk-busting lapse, he makes no apology.’
    • ‘The media have been woefully one-sided in focussing on his perk-busting.’
    • ‘It was fire and brimstone, despite his having branded them as the perk-busting party.’