Definition of perk-buster in English:



  • A person who exposes excessive expenses claims made by politicians and other public servants.

    ‘he wants to transform himself from a perk-buster into a statesman’
    • ‘As Parliament's self-appointed perk-buster, he should support any move towards greater transparency and accountability.’
    • ‘He built his political persona as a "perk-buster" by working with Sunday newspaper journalists on a series of "scoops" which undermined others' reputations.’
    • ‘He uncovered several scandals and earned the label "perk-buster".’
    • ‘It's been revealed that this perk-buster extraordinaire went on a 3-week, taxpayer-funded holiday.’
    • ‘It is the party that was going to be the perk-buster.’
    • ‘He said his credibility as a perk-buster has not taken a knock.’
    • ‘But of course the perk-buster calls for accountability everywhere except in his own personal circumstances.’
    • ‘The tragedy of the situation with the party is that it styled itself as the perk-buster of New Zealand.’
    • ‘To this day he refuses to answer why it was he - the perk-buster - who did nothing when he came back from that scam conference to go after the people who ripped off millions of dollars from hundreds of New Zealanders.’
    • ‘It said it would be the perk-buster party that made sure that every dollar was accounted for.’