Definition of perithecium in English:


nounPlural perithecia

  • (in some fungi) a round or flask-shaped fruiting body with a pore through which the spores are discharged.

    • ‘All these steps take place in a specialized fruiting structure, the perithecium.’
    • ‘Features of the spores and the perithecium in which they occur suggest that this may be a fossil species of Savoryella.’
    • ‘A spore leaving the perithecium travels nearly straight up at first.’
    • ‘When the internal contents of these perithecia were inspected, only a few minute asci were observed.’
    • ‘Inside the perithecium, the developing asci are immersed in maternal tissue.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from peri- ‘around’ + Greek thēkē ‘case’.