Definition of periscopic in English:



  • 1Relating to a periscope.

    • ‘When the armoured shutter is in place the driver uses a periscopic sight.’
    • ‘The commander has a periscopic day sight, a television monitor displaying the image from the gunner's thermal sight and six unity vision periscopes.’
    • ‘The commander's cupola in the centre of the vehicle is equipped with five periscopic sights which give 360° vision.’
    • ‘The test pilots found the double-slot flaps and quick-release engine cowlings most admirable but, oddly, armament was only briefly checked out and one of the things they did not like was the periscopic system for the twin turrets.’
    1. 1.1 (of a lens or an optical instrument) giving a wide field of view.
      ‘a periscopic sextant’
      • ‘The equipment projected the image of the sun through a periscopic lens and reflected it on a sheet of paper.’
      • ‘A telescopic view from the outside and a periscopic view from the inside permit, as expressed by Walter Benjamin, ‘telescoping the past with the present’, allowing the viewer to peer at the old buildings through that spyglass.’
      • ‘The plane's captain added to the error by steering the plane on compass alone, backed up by dead reckoning and astro-fixes from a periscopic sextant.’
      • ‘For targets at less than 1,000 meters, the missile can be guided by eye; for longer ranges, the 8x magnifying periscopic sight must be used.’
      • ‘Station equipment includes handy refueling controls, a wide viewing window facing the aft ‘customer’ position and additional periscopic viewing arrangements for traffic management.’