Definition of perilymphatic in English:



  • See perilymph

    • ‘Exploration of the right ear suggested a fistula in the anterior annulus of the oval window, with perilymphatic fluid leak visible on Valsalva at middle ear exploration.’
    • ‘These hair cells are mounted on supporting cells, and eventually anchored in a basilar membrane on the side of the lagena opposite the perilymphatic duct.’
    • ‘By virtue of their perilymphatic distribution, sarcoid granulomas are concentrated around the airways.’
    • ‘However, this form of hearing requires that a distinct perilymphatic duct receives the compression waves at the fenestra ovalis and carry them along one side of an elongate lagena in a rather specific way.’
    • ‘Reducing intracranial and perilymphatic pressures through bed rest, head elevation and with stool softeners can help.’