Definition of periderm in English:



mass nounBotany
  • The corky outer layer of a plant stem formed in secondary thickening or as a response to injury or infection.

    • ‘The stage IV stem illustrated here shows an outer covering of periderm with fine strips of fibres formed from the secondary phloem.’
    • ‘Seed plants produce wood and periderm through secondary growth.’
    • ‘They were observed 6-7 layers below the suberized periderm and in the tuber portion far from the buds.’
    • ‘They are well known to occur in plant/atmosphere interfaces where they form water-tight barriers such as the leaf cuticle and suberized periderm.’
    • ‘Potato tuber native periderm and immature wound periderm were very similar in basic organization.’


Mid 19th century: from peri- ‘around’ + Greek derma ‘skin’.