Definition of pericyclic in English:



  • 1Chemistry
    Relating to or denoting a reaction that involves a concerted rearrangement of bonding in which all the bonds broken or formed in the reaction lie on a closed ring, whether or not a cyclic molecule is involved.

    • ‘Chemists everywhere are now familiar with the Woodward-Hoffmann rules for pericyclic reactions, which tied a whole list of cyclizations and rearrangements into a coherent bundle.’
    • ‘But, because the mechanism for the reaction is pericyclic, there is retention of geometry such that quite specific products can be generated.’
    • ‘In pericyclic reactions, bonds are made or broken in a concerted cyclic transition state.’
  • 2Botany
    Relating to a pericycle.

    • ‘Azima tetracantha bark is distinctive in having bundle cap (‘pericyclic’) fibers and sclereid nests in phloem rays.’