Definition of pericycle in English:



  • A thin layer of plant tissue between the endodermis and the phloem.

    • ‘The pericycle and endodermis were both present, each as a single sheath of cells located between the cortex and stele.’
    • ‘These observations suggest that the cells in the pericycle of alloxan-treated plants are much more transcriptionally active than their control counterparts.’
    • ‘The pericycle forms the outermost layer of the central cylinder.’
    • ‘In addition, the host pericycle and endodermis in contact with abortive haustoria were deformed in many cases.’
    • ‘These layers include the epidermis, an exodermis in roots where it is differentiated, several layers of cortex cells, the endodermis, pericycle, xylem parenchyma cells and finally the vessels.’


Late 19th century: from Greek perikuklos ‘spherical’, from perikukloun ‘encircle’.