Definition of peri-peri in English:



  • South African term for piri-piri
    • ‘Where available, they are a local delicacy; and have also been made available elsewhere in dried form or canned in a peri-peri or tomato sauce.’
    • ‘He cited a case in which City Council health inspectors last week confiscated peri-peri powders from some supermarkets in the capital city that were contaminated with a substance that caused cancer.’
    • ‘A roast chicken foot can cost as little as 50 cents, including extras such as peri-peri and other spices on the side.’
    • ‘The fajita was tasty and it was tensioned up with some of the special peri-peri, just the right touch to make the dish truly Mexican.’
    • ‘Other items include a finger lunch of meat dishes, vegetables and salads or a braai menu of chicken peri-peri, rump steak, traditional wors served with pap, rolls, roasted potato and tomato gravy.’