Definition of performance poetry in English:

performance poetry


mass noun
  • A form of poetry intended to be performed as a dramatic monologue or exchange and frequently involving improvisation.

    • ‘In the underground cellar bars and cafes of San Francisco, performance poetry was blending the rhyme and rhythm of the spoken word with free jazz.’
    • ‘It goes right back to the '60s when I was in college, back when the whole American culture was alive with a whole new kind of radical performance poetry.’
    • ‘Though its historical origins are in literary poetry, performance poetry is now a different art, and its fundamental irreconcilability with literary poetry becomes more apparent each year.’
    • ‘Such distinctions of geography and genre are far from academic, since one of the first things to confront in writing about performance poetry is its internal diversity.’
    • ‘As a master of oral performance poetry this piece would be extremely effective performed with drums.’
    • ‘In the world of performance poetry it is not often that a poetry competition comes along that can earn a performer $2000 for a poem.’
    • ‘What about the slam poet who uses performance poetry to raise awareness of her marginalised position in society, perhaps on behalf of others in the same position?’
    • ‘Given the endurance of bush poetry festivals, and the popularity of contemporary performance poetry in inner-city venues, clearly there is still an audience willing to be moved by spoken verse, but it's very much a minority taste.’
    • ‘Often with an anti-establishment edge, performance poetry covers a wide range of poetic activity, from topical satire and burlesque to ranting and agitprop, including avant-garde sound poetry and mixings of word and music.’
    • ‘Apparently slam poetry is competitive performance poetry with bits of hip-hop and stand-up thrown in for good measure.’
    • ‘He also says, as others have said, that performance poetry returns the art to its oral beginnings.’
    • ‘Besides talks by authors, the festival launched with the traditional celebrations at dawn on May Day included workshops, children's events and performance poetry.’
    • ‘In terms of cultural importance, I am concerned with the ‘anything goes’ attitude in performance poetry.’
    • ‘She hates the false distinction between poetry and performance poetry.’
    • ‘‘The point is that those who have done the most to popularize performance poetry are not poets in the main,’ he says.’
    • ‘I don't like straightforward confessional poetry, if there's such a thing, for that reason, or straightforward performance poetry either.’
    • ‘I also suspect devotees are anticipating the day she abandons all formality and just does bitter, manic, 1980s performance poetry.’
    • ‘She plans to encourage prisoners and staff to attend writers' workshops and drop-in sessions to give them an opportunity to discuss each other's work and study performance poetry.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘music-based literary form’ helps define what today is called spoken word / performance poetry.’
    • ‘When examining the linguistic characteristics of West Indian poetry, particularly oral or performance poetry, it is impossible to separate language from rhythm.’