Definition of pereiopod in English:



  • Each of the eight walking limbs of a crustacean such as a crab or lobster, growing from the thorax.

    • ‘The specimen bears three chelate pereiopods, with the first much larger than the others.’
    • ‘It possesses several features that place it in the Lophogastrida, such as the presence of well-developed abdominal pleurae, pleopods and pereiopods, a broadly structured telson and a lack of uropodal statocysts.’
    • ‘At least one family within the Dorippoidea, the Dorippidae, has very long second and third pereiopods and short first pereiopods, as do necrocarcinids with preserved appendages.’
    • ‘As with many of the modem Eucopia species, this fossil taxon is characterized by the possession of highly elongate posterior pereiopods.’
    • ‘Members of the Hexapodidae are easily identified if sterna and pereiopods are present, because possession of four pairs of pereiopods and seven exposed sternites is diagnostic for the family.’


Late 19th century: from Greek peraioōn ‘transporting’ (present participle of peraioun) + pous, pod- ‘foot’.