Definition of peregrinate in English:



[NO OBJECT]humorous, archaic
  • Travel or wander from place to place:

    ‘we peregrinated over Stanmore, and visited the Castles of Bowes and Brougham’
    • ‘Dealers have responded to this urge by peregrinating around the country offering their wares at book fairs.’
    • ‘The latter part of the performance elucidated the duo's versatility and interpretation ability to its fullest extent, as the duo peregrinated throughout classical Latin American tradition.’
    • ‘It peregrinates around the limbs of trees.’
    • ‘Of course the Irish also ‘peregrinated’ to their neighbours in England, for this was the first port of call.’
    • ‘The problem - or at least the difference - is simply that it was based not only on the author's experience but on the soap-operatic adventures of her boozing, man-loving, peregrinating mother.’
    stroll, amble, saunter, walk, dawdle, potter, ramble, maunder, meander
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Late 16th century (earlier ( Middle English) as peregrination): from Latin peregrinat- travelled abroad, from the verb peregrinari, from peregrinus foreign, travelling.