Definition of perdurance in English:



  • See perdure

    • ‘Developmentally early induction often yields no clones at all, suggesting that the small clones depend on perdurance of wild-type gene product from the heterozygous clone precursor cell.’
    • ‘But, clearly, the division between perdurance theories and endurance theories is somewhat unnatural, because ‘endurance’ theories differ so radically amongst themselves.’
    • ‘However, it is equally possible that differences in allelic strength or perdurance of maternal contributions obscures the full range of phenotypes on the several components.’
    • ‘It could be argued, however, that the lack of embryonic or larval phenotypes could be due to a long-lasting perdurance of maternal deposits during oogenesis.’
    • ‘Natural selection will favor its perdurance, at least until and unless it outsmarts itself into extinction.’