Definition of percussively in English:



  • See percussive

    • ‘He started transcribing Webern's serial music to break the usual moulds of guitar technique, and moved on to abstract sound generation - brittle, behind-the-bridge noises, glimmering electronics, raw, percussively struck discords.’
    • ‘Other pieces delve into postwar modern sonorities by modifying instruments in John Cage-style with paper under the violin strings and piano strings delicately plucked and percussively struck.’
    • ‘He jabs out a cyclic figure, percussively attacking his keys.’
    • ‘One can play lyrically, harmonically, orchestrally, percussively and practically imitate any other instrument.’
    • ‘I have to be in the rhythm, singing percussively, and you need certain words for that, arranged in a specific way.’